International Camel Media Centre

A specialized media centre associated with the International Camel Organization (ICO), Aims to achieve global leadership in the production of specialized media in the world, It organizes, implements and produces media for all the media, And the management of media and advertising channels in their various forms, In addition to providing all third parties with the news, accurate statistics and documented information about the camels.

Documented news about camels, registered in the center’s records, It is also documented in the International Organization of Camels.

All documents for the camels, Whether it is newspapers, magazines, news articles or media agencies in the Member States of the International Organization of Camels.

Restricting all information related to the inverses, And her news.

The work of the Center

Media documentation

Media documentation of all the news of camels in the world, In addition to covering events, centers, owners, educators and producers around the world


Preparing a periodical and organizing press conferences for senior management and the Centers for International CamelS

Media sessions

Preparing training workshop plans and media sessions for interested journalists and friends of Camel International

Monitoring information

Provide the community, interested and publishing and research centres with accurate statistics and documented information about the International Camel Organization

Media coordination

Coordination with media organizations wishing to conduct media interviews and scientific programmes within the International Organization of Camels and their centres

International documentation

Highlighting the efforts of the International Organization of Camels in accordance with scheduled plans

Studies and research

Providing the departments, centers and sectors of the International Organization of Camels with information

Department of Media Materials

Management of television and radio channels and social media platforms of the organization and its centers

Printed production

Supervising media publications in various centres around the world in the languages required of the Secretary-General of the International Organization of Camels

Declaration of the Founding of the International Camel Organization

The announcement of the founding of the International Organization of Camels based in the capital Riyadh. This came during the meeting of the first Constituent Assembly of the organization in the presence of representatives of 96 countries worldwide, Fahad bin Falah bin Hathlin was announced as the organization’s president for five years.

They are in the International Camel Organization to enhance camel presence on all international platforms, And that's being and its owners deserve, In addition to being an important depth in history and world heritage, And a symbol of pride for all members of the organization

Sheikh / Fahad bin Falah bin Hathlin
Founder and President of Camel International

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