International Camel Media Centre

About The Center

The International Camel Information Centre is the body responsible for the media and visual production of the International Camel Organization, It organizes, implements and produces documentary media of all kinds, The management of the various media, television, radio and print channels of the organization, Providing third parties and publishing centres with accurate news, statistics and documented information about the International Camel Organization

Vision and mission


Develop plans and programs to develop a scientific and practical methodology for this for the media industry specialized in leading camels.


Effective strategies in building media content and enhancing the mental image, Presented by a professional international team that contributes to the strengthening of the camel's heritage, culture and civilization.

Goals of the International Camel Media Centre


Developing a global methodology for a professional media industry specializing in camels

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Build a database of camel news, save its documents and record it around the world


Media documentation of all the activities, activities and international centers of the International Organization of Camels


Spreading the news of camel owners, producers and educators around the world, In all matters of camels.

Training courses

Providing information training programs specialized in camel news around the world and introducing them to heritage and culture and sponsorship


Building partnerships with various international bodies and coordinating cooperation between them in all areas


Holding conferences, meetings, seminars and media activities interested in camel affairs, and organizing them, and to participate in it, In accordance with the organized procedures.

Media coverage

Use the latest tools and media channels to cover events, activities and achievements and distribute them to all member states of the International Camel Organization

The International Organization of Camels continues to find camels in all international platforms because camels deserve their owners and constitute an important depth in our history, heritage and a symbol of pride for all members and lovers of the Organization.

فهد بن فلاح بن حثلين
Sheikh / Fahad bin Falah bin Hathlin
President of Camel International

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